Tayside Orienteers


Club Constitution 2016

Club Constitution 2016




October 2016


1.    Name

The club shall be called Tayside Orienteers (Hereinafter referred to as the Club)


2.    Objects

The objects of the Club shall be to promote and pursue the sport of orienteering in Angus, Dundee, Perthshire and Kinross.


3.    Membership

3.1    Membership shall consist of the following categories:

Junior: aged 20 or younger on 31st December of the membership year

Senior: aged 21 or older on 31st December of the membership year

3.2    Membership fees shall be agreed by each Annual General Meeting.

3.3    All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this constitution and any bye-laws published from time to time by the Club.


4.    Management

4.1    The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by an Executive Committee which shall 

consist of the Officers of the Club plus a minimum of three other members.

4.2    The Officers of the Club, who shall be honorary, shall consist of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  If the post of any officer or other committee member should fall vacant after such an election, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill the vacancy.

4.3    All Executive Committee members shall be paid up members of the Club.


5.    General Meetings

5.1    Annual General Meeting

The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of October to:

Approve the minutes of the previous year’s AGM.    
Receive reports from the Chairman and Secretary.
Receive a report from the Treasurer and approve the Annual Accounts.
Receive a report from the Auditors.
Elect the Executive Committee.
Consider changes to the Constitution.
Appoint Auditors for the Club’s Accounts.
Deal with other relevant business.

5.2    Extraordinary General Meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by application in writing to the Secretary supported by at least 8 (eight) members of the Club.  The Executive Committee shall also have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting by decision of a simple majority of its members eligible to vote.

5.3    Notice of Meeting.

At least 30 days notice shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting.


Voting rights will be limited to those over 16 years of age.
With the exception of changes to the Constitution, decisions put to a vote shall be resolved by simple majority of General Meetings.
The Chairman of the Club shall hold a deliberative as well as a casting vote.


5.5    Quora.

The quorum at General Meetings shall be 25% of members eligible to vote and the quorum for committee meetings shall be 3 (three) members.

5.6    Changes to the Constitution.

Any changes to the constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of those     present and eligible to vote at a General Meeting.
Notice shall be given to all voting members of any General Meeting as specified in 5.3 and then any proposal to change the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 15 days prior to the meeting.
All proposals for changes to the Constitution shall be signed by two members eligible to vote at a General Meeting.


6.    Finance and Accounts

6.1    The financial year shall run from September 1st to August 31st.

6.2    The Honorary Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation of annual accounts of the Club.

6.3    The accounts shall be audited by an independent person elected annually by the annual General Meeting.

6.4    All cheques of more than £100 drawn against the Club’s funds shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other nominated office-bearer.

6.5    All members of the Club shall be considered to be jointly responsible for the financial liabilities of the Club.    


7.     The Club agrees to adopt the up to date British Orienteering Policies, Procedures, Rules     and Regulations as published on the British Orienteering website.


8.     Dissolution.

    In the event of the dissolution of the Club, any assets thereof shall not be distributed     amongst the members of the Club in any way whatsoever but should be made available for     the furtherance of the sport of orienteering.