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Join us for our March weekday evening training

Wed 06th Mar 2019

Last updated: 21st Feb
Type of event: Training
Type of terrain:
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Our monthly sessions provide an opportunity for club members and potential members to meet and train together to develop skills and fitness. Location to be confirmed.

Activities will vary from month to month but will typically last for an hour and will include a range of simple activities that will be flexible so as to suit all ages, levels of experience and fitness. Please note: these sessions are not coaching per se and children attending will need to remain under the close supervision of their parent or carer.


Nearest town: Perth

Pre event information

Registration & Start Times

Meet in time to start at 6.30pm sharp.

Entry Details

There is no charge for these sessions for club members, although a small charge may be levied to cover map printing costs (likely to be no more than £1 per session).  

Clothing/equipment:- road or trail running/walking kit and shoes, including waterproof/warm outer layers according to weather on the day/forecast. A compass may be used for some sessions. Headtorches and bright/reflective clothing for winter sessions please. Club members - please wear club tops prominently to identify yourselves to newcomers - and promote the club!

If you are not a member of Tayside Orienteers (or another British Orienteering affiliated club) and attending regularly you will normally be expected to join after participating in three sessions.

Please note: these sessions are not coaching per se and under 18’s attending will need to remain under the close supervision of their parent or carer.

If you have any existing medical conditions of which you feel we should be aware please download and complete our medical form, bring it with you in a sealed envelope and hand to the co-ordinator on the night. It will only be used in the event of an emergency (ie opened only if required), and will otherwise be destroyed after the event. Medical form

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Keep It Clean campaign - Forestry Commission Scotland

Our forests are at risk from tree pests and diseases. These can dramatically affect the health of our trees, upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance and devastating large areas of woodland.
Pests and diseases hitch a ride in mud and debris on shoes, paws and tyres, ending up in new forests. Here, they can spread rapidly in environments with no natural resilience.
Read more about this on the FCS website.


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