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Image of the Camperdown Park and Templeton Woods map

Sun 14th Dec 2014

Last updated: 22nd Dec
Type of event: Local, Score, Social
Type of terrain: Forest, Parkland, Woodland
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The 2014 edition of our annual mass-start Christmas Score Event took place year in Dundee for the first time, at Camperdown Park and Templeton Woods. It was followed by a meal at a local hostelry—this year the Birkhill Inn, right on the edge of Camperdown Park.

Organiser's comments

Thankyou to everyone who came along to our event today. 75 competitors was a terrific turnout, and it was great to see so many come along for lunch afterwards! 

I'll start with some apologies, firstly for the old-school bagged maps, which was Plan B after the waterproof printed maps that had been ordered didn't arrive in time (when they do, suggestions for what to do with them will be welcome!). Secondly, to Long Course competitors, whom I forgot to tell about the bonus controls before you started. Some of you may have been alerted by the pre-race information, and some of you must have noticed the map snippets at controls 181, 182 and 170 which showed the location of three additional 25 point controls (201, 202 and 203). And finally, at least the Camperdown rain curse that regularly afflicts us was limited to a shower for around 20 minutes rather than anything worse.

The area is pretty fast, apart from a few muddy and windblown areas of Templeton, so there were some impressive times, especially Ali Robertson who was the only person to visit every available control. Further map revisions will allow us to bring back into play some areas we didn't use this time around, giving more planning scope.

Thankyou to Angela for control putting-out and collection, and marshalling the road crossing, to Jane and John L who staffed the always-busy registration rush, to Moira, Grahame, Nando, Dave P and Robin Sloan for collecting in controls and signs, and Robin Strain for keeping an eye on the computing side of things.

And special mention to everyone (the majority, I think!) who ran wearing santa hats, tinsel and other festive adornments. Consider yourselves duly recognised for entering into the Christmas spirit.

Have a great festive break, and see you again in a forest soon.

David Sloan


Nearest town: Dundee

Pre event information

Camperdown and Templeton is a popular and runnable area on the northwestern edge of Dundee. Camperdown is generally very fast running open parkland, with areas of ornamental gardens and some areas of lovely runnable woodland.

Templeton is a commercial forest, mainly coniferous, generally runnable and with a good network of paths and tracks. Some areas of Templeton have been affected by windblow. In one area of the forest, a mountain bike trail has recently been created. This trail has not been mapped but is identified with out-of-bounds overprinting. Cultivated fields in the northern part of the mapped area are also out-of-bounds. 

Safety information

  • The Long course will use a road crossing to enter and exit Templeton Woods. This crosses the A923, which can be a busy road. There will be a marshal to supervise the crossing, but please take extreme care when crossing the road, and do so only at this point.
  • Camperdown and Templeton are popular areas for the general public, including dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders. Please be respectful of other park users when out on your course.
  • There is a golf course in Camperdown Park, which is marked as out-of-bounds on the map, with the exception of one narrow strip across two fairways. If you use these crossing points, please check for golfers on the fairways before you cross.

Directions / Parking

Parking and assembly will be in Camperdown Park, in the parking area to the right of the main drive into the park from the Camperdown Leisure Park (cinema, Dundee Ice Arena, various eating establishments).

From the north and south, follow the A90 to Dundee, and leave the Kingsway at the A923 Coupar Angus junction. Take the A923 for Coupar Angus, and at the first roundabout, take the first exit, and then turn immediately right to enter Camperdown Park. 

If you plan to come by public transport, you can take a number 57 Strathtay bus (for Blairgowrie), departing Dundee Bus Station at 1025. Get off at Camperdown Park (1041), at a bus stop on the A923 just before the roundabout at the entrance to Camperdown Park. Assembly is an easy 10 minutes' walk from there. You should get there in time for the mass start, but don't worry if you don't—we'll start you as soon as we can! The 57 also passes the Birkhill Inn, making it convenient to get back into Dundee afterwards.


Join us for Christmas lunch after the event at the Birkhill Inn, which is about a mile's pleasant walk from Assembly back through the competition area, or a slighly longer drive. "The Birkie" is one of Dundee's most popular venues for good pub food, especially the steak pie! We've reserved tables from 1.00pm, but to help with logistics, please indicate whether you intend to join us when you enter the event.

No need for advance food orders—order your food when you arrive at the Inn. Christmas and standard lunch menus are available on the inn's web site, and there will be additional choices available on the day.

To get there by car from Camperdown Park, leave the park the way you came in, and at the roundabout turn left onto the A923 Coupar Angus Road. The Birkhill Inn is about a mile up this road, on the right as you enter Birkhill village.

Registration & Start Times

There will be limited entry on the day—if so, registration will be open from 1015 to 1045.

There will be two mass starts:

  • Short course—1055
  • Long course—1100

Course Information

There will be two mass-start Score courses:

  • Long: time limit 60 minutes
  • Short: time limit 45 minutes

The Long course involves a road crossing and is not suitable for younger juniors.

SportIdent (SI) electronic punching will be used. SI cards will be available to hire if you don't have one—no hire charge, but there will be a cost if you lose it.

Controls are given a points value based on their difficulty. Some controls may have opportunities to earn additional bonus points, so be prepared to think! Wearing something festive will also earn you additional points…

Prizes will be awarded to course winners at the lunch after the event.

Explanation of Score courses

You don't have to visit all the controls! There is usually a time limit, instead of a set course. Points are scored for visiting controls, and deducted for finishing over the time limit. You decide which controls to visit, and in which sequence. Sometimes controls have different points values. You will need to carry a watch or phone, so you know how long you have been out.

Entry Details

Entry fees:

  • Seniors £7.00 (non-BOF members £9.00)
  • Juniors £3.50 (non-BOF members £4.50)

Online entries via Fabian4 are now closed,—but there is a limited supply of extra maps if you would still like to enter. Please contact the organiser David Sloan (sloan758@gmail.com) to be sure of reserving a map.

Contacts / Officials

Organiser - David Sloan (email )

Dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed, if kept on a lead.

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Keep It Clean campaign - Forestry Commission Scotland

Our forests are at risk from tree pests and diseases. These can dramatically affect the health of our trees, upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance and devastating large areas of woodland.
Pests and diseases hitch a ride in mud and debris on shoes, paws and tyres, ending up in new forests. Here, they can spread rapidly in environments with no natural resilience.
Read more about this on the FCS website.


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