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Permanent Courses

Permanent Orienteering Courses


Orienteering courses are available for club members training and meeting for unofficial small group "events" or for newcomers who want to Come and Try orienteering. You can use Permanent courses or Maprun courses.

Permanent courses are available throughout the UK and currently at Kinnoull in Perth, and The Knock of Crieff in the Tayside club area.

Maprun courses are currently avaiable at North Muirton in Perth, widely cross Dundee (Dundee Active Schools/ SOA) and in Meigle (Blairgowrie Active Schools/SOA) , as well outside the club area.

Details of all the Scottish Permanent and Maprun courses and instruction on how to download and use them can be found at the SOA website (search Scottish Orinteering Association. Click Get Involved in top menu then Smart Phone Orienteering and Permanent Courses in the display).

Note at Kinnoull there is an intruction board at the Forestry cabin (entrance from Jubilee carpark) There are five linear courses available to suit beginners and experienced orienteers plus an "All Controls" map. This map allows you to design your own courses or you can use your mobile phone to run a 45 minute Score course scanning QR codes as you find them. 

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Please come and use the maps and bring your friends along too. Send us your photos for our Facebook page and website and feel free to give us constructive feedback.

Maps must not be used for Events or Commercial purposes without prior consent from Tayside Orienteers.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE:- Participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. 


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QR codes on permament orienteering course Kinnoull, George Logan

QR codes on permament orienteering course Kinnoull