Tayside Orienteers


St Mags - (9Mar) FINAL INFO

There is a small car park near the junctions of Glendevon and Glenlochay Roads, Perth PH2 0AX. When that is full please park considerately on the surrounding streets taking care of local sensibilities if changing. 
There are no toilets. The nearest toilets are Tesco, Edinburgh Rd, PH2 8DX
There will be limited entry on the day subject to map availability.If you plan to enter on the day please don't bring large notes.
Extra prebooked maps for shadowing or medium course maps for people who want to try it after doing the white course are £1. Please bring exact money.
Pick up SI dibbers if you are hiring one at registration. I have presumed everyone who didn't put a dibber number on SI entries is hiring one for free. Cost £30 if lost.
There will be coaching help available in the first half of the event.
Punching starts, just allow a minute between people on the same course please.
There are some steep paths and cliffs on or near the medium and long courses. I've planned the courses to try and dissuade people from taking a short cut down a cliff but please be sensible and stick to safe routes.
The area is used by a lot of dog walkers and walkers and some mountain bikers. Please share the area sensibly and don't expect other people to give way just because you're going faster than them.
No courses should be crossing any roads other than going over the footbridge over the motorway for the long course.
There are some presumably temporary ditches adjacent to the paths near the radio mast. Unless they have extended them recently you shouldn't need to cross these but take care if you do. There is a map of their location at registration.
Leg and torso cover for medium and long course competitors. Whistles recommended. It is recommended that you check for ticks after orienteering especially on the medium and long courses. There will be a first aid kit and GP at registration.
All competitors must come back to registration to download so I know you are back safely.
Results will be on the Tayside Orienteers website as soon as possible.