4.85km 165m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Mark Nixon FVO M21 26:51
2nd Alasdair Mcleod CLYDE M21 28:22
3rd Tim Gomersall GRAMP M21 30:11
4th Mark Purkis EUOC M20 30:26
5th Simon Gardner CLYDE M21 34:56
6th Martin Dean FVO M55 36:16
7th Sam Gomersall GRAMP M50 40:06
8th Alex Campbell BASOC M55 42:51
9th Hazel Dean FVO W50 45:48
10th Stella Lewsley BL W60 46:55
11th Andy Lewsley BL M60 49:13
12th Lesley Gomersall GRAMP W50 51:59
13th Alistair Duguid TAY M40 54:05
14th Roos Eisma TAY W50 60:30
15th Les Dalgleish ESOC M65 60:39
16th Angela Dixon TAY W50 68:16
m8-19 William Rigg EUOC M20 17:48
m8-19 Jack Gomersall GRAMP M20 26:47



3.7km 155m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Josie Gomersall GRAMP W14 51:19
2nd Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 55:15
3rd John Anderson TAY M65 56:51
4th David Anderson TAY M50 65:07
5th Peter Clinch TAY M45 67:29
6th Jane Anderson TAY W45 69:11
7th John Lewis TAY M65 70:59
8th Liz Fraser TAY W70 80:36



2.775km 90m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Aly Gillies TAY M45 37:24
2nd Bill Melville TAY M75 37:35
3rd Amber Gillies TAY W18 39:38
4th Catriona Drimmie and Fiona Drimmie IND W12 42:15
5th Catrinona Liddell and Ross and Alasdair *2 IND M10 44:13
6th Kerry and Stuart Paton IND W8 52:04
7th Robyn Gillies TAY W18 54:16
8th Angus and Lewis IND M13 56:02
9th Lorna Gillies TAY W45 56:39
10th Peter Nugent IND   68:07
11th Margaret Cardno IND   68:08
12th Chris Pearson plus one TAY M21 73:31
13th Jenkins family#2 IND   87:46
14th A N Other TAY   99:42
m7 Katharine Melville TAY W70 55:12



2.075km 85m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Catriona Liddell Ross Liddell Alasdair Anderson IND M10 21:26
2nd Finn Selmer Duguid TAY M6 26:40
3rd Elizabeth and Rose Paton IND W6 43:47
4th Chantelle Eisma-Clinch TAY W12 46:33
5th Jack Eismer-Clinch TAY M14 47:49
6th Lindsay Barry Izzie McManamon IND M3 52:28
7th Jenkins family IND   59:40