Tayside Orienteers


Auchingarrich Scottish Junior Cup No 1

Tayside runners were amongst the 190 strong turnout at the first event in the series held near Comrie.

Auchingarrich is a tough area that can swallow up even the best of orienteers so it was great to see new recruits to TAY getting round their courses and enjoying themselves. Well done to Connor Reid, Tom Moore and Sarah Moore, Grover Donaldson and Jasmine Greaves. Also well done to other TAY youngsters - Barry who ran the day before at the sprint event, Finn who has confidently stepped into light green and to Tristan and Colin both also making their debut on light green courses. The youngsters all completed their courses. It was the adults who were caught out! So easily done in this area. I swear it has at a few Bermuda Triangles in it. I have certainly disappeared there in the past. I am now getting pretty fond of the area though I could still get very lost...
It was my first time planning this level of course for at least a decade so it was a steep learning curve getting to grips with software, getting the correct map files, figuring out how to get the right level of challenge for the right group etc. Planning for orange level was the biggest challenge as there are few 'easy' routes in Auchingarrich. The presence of a gorge and man-eating marshes added to the challenge. Colin Dower experienced the marshes ability to swallow up people first hand. He was waist deep - with photographic evidence of the tide line! Orienteering certainly takes you places you wouldn't otherwise explore....

Eight club adults took part in the open event - Maire Convery, Rory Percival and Anita Spurway on the long course and Bill Melville, Michael Pearson, Moira Laws and Katarine Melville on the short course.


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