Tayside Orienteers


Course Planning Workshop

Learn what goes into planning good courses - and improve your own orienteering at the same time!

We're delighted to offer club members the chance to take part in an evening's workshop this autumn on course planning. Find out more about how attending our course planning workshop will also benefit your own orienteering!

If you've built up a bit of orienteering experience over the last year or so you might have started to wonder what goes on behind the scenes to make events suitable and fun for all levels of ability - there are various aspects to putting on an event and a vital one is course planning.

Our course planning workshop (one evening session) is a great opportunity to gain new skills in the company of club members.  We will cover the principles of course planning and find out what makes a good course for different kinds of participants.  We'll look at the practicalities of the process of course planning - from first ideas to having all the controls in place, and we'll point you at sources of really useful information.

The workshop is suitable for club members with a reasonable level of orienteering competence (at least the ability to complete an Orange course confidently).  Please note - you don't have to be a fast orienteer to be a planner, and the techniques you learn for course setting will be of benefit to your own orienteering! If you've already done some course planning or are an experienced planner, please come along and brush up on the finer points or share your experiences.

Juniors are welcome but if you're under about 14 you should probably still be more interested in running round other people's courses ... there's time in due course to get involved at a more official level!

To register your interest please email Mel Nicoll, Club Development Officer by Monday 7 September.