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Culteuchar - a TAY review

Thankyou so much to Elaine, Dave P and everyone from the club and beyond who pitched in to make today's South of Scotland League (SoSOL) Event at Culteuchar such a success - your efforts are all hugely appreciated!

Even with the effort of hosting the event, there were some very impressive results from club members, with quite possibly a record number of top-10 places for Tay members in a SoSOL event. Pride of place goes to course winners Robert Jenkins and Felicity Martin. Robert had a 3 minute win on Light Green while Felicity won Short Green...by all of a single second.

Full club results:

  • White - Fia Selmer-Duguid (2nd), Finn Selmer-Duguid (4th) and Chantelle Eisma-Clinch (5th)
  • Yellow - David Downie (3rd), Chris Pearson (4th), Jenny Gillies (6th)
  • Orange - Jennifer Williamson (5th)
  • Light Green - Robert Jenkins (1st), Birgitte Nilsen (4th), Jenny Gallier (8th)
  • Short Green - Felicity Martin (1st), Jane Anderson (5th), Fiona Downie (6th), Peter Clinch (8th), Ann Pearson (11th)
  • Green - Alistair Duguid (4th), Roos Eisma (8th), Laura Nicoll (11th), Michael Pearson (17th), Neil O'Gorman (24th)
  • Blue - Grahame Nicoll (7th), Davie Frame (9th), Grant Carstairs (10th), Donald Smith (29th), David Anderson (30th), Julian Blow (31st)

Congratulations to everyone who ran today!

For more on today's event and the 2013-14 SoSOL, see:


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Club helpers having a short rest!,

Club helpers having a short rest!

Cakes at Culteuchar,

Cakes at Culteuchar

Setting up at Culteuchar,

Setting up at Culteuchar