Tayside Orienteers



Final instructions.

Final Details Tayside Orienteers Event

Balkello Hill 7th November 2021

Organiser: Alistair Duguid ,  tel 07909 535200 

1: Covid-19 Rules – All participants are expected to comply with the latest guidance summarised at the end. 

2: Parking – Balkello Community Woodlands overflow car park, signed from minor road between Auchterhouse and Tealing.

https://what3words.com/salads.prove.frosted Post code DD3 0QX, Grid reference NO365385

We have access to the grassy overflow carpark to the right of the main public car park. Please follow signs. 

3: Courses 

yellow, 1.8km 40m climb:  orange 3.1km/ 75m: light green 3.4 km/100m: green 4.2km/190m:   blue 5.5km/ 220m

4: Map, terrain and timing 

1:10000, 5m contours. Minor updates for this event.

Mixed terrain, some fast running between gorse patches in grassy fields in the lower parts , thicker heather slopes higher up which are used by the Green and Blue courses, and mixed community woodland with an intricate path network nearer the finish. Many parts of the area have been quarried in the past, leaving some very intricate contoured areas. 

Vegetation is dying back, but some extensive areas of bracken remain- these are unmapped. Courses have been planned to avoid the worst parts, but some areas will be encountered on the longer courses. Gorse is mapped by thick green, or green hatching for shorter patches. These are best avoided. 

There is large power line running through the middle of the area which is not shown on the map.

SPORTIdent timing will be used. There is no touch free punching. 

5: Registration opens from 10:15am, and is adjacent to the car park. Please collect your map (and hired dibbers) from registration before heading to the start. We are trusting you not to look at the map before you start unless you are on a yellow or orange course.

6: Starts – From 11:00 to 12:30. The start is a 20 minute walk from registration. Please follow the red and white taped route and remember to keep at least 1 apart, particularly at gates.     

Start lists will be emailed out on Thursday evening and will be available on this club website as a separate news item. Please aim to arrive at the start no more than 10 minutes before your allocated start time to avoid crowding. 

The start will be a punching start, and there will be someone there to help guide you. 

7: Finish is adjacent to registration 

Remember to download when you finish and report to download even if you do not finish the course.

Courses Close – 14:30 and by 15:00 we will be collecting in controls. 

If you are a newcomer – check out the beginner guide to help with the jargon!

8: Safety Info and COVID guidance – Please be aware of traffic, as the lower car park is used by the public. Please also watch out for members of the public, dogs, and cyclists. Take particular care around the downhill mountain bike tracks in the middle of the area. 

There are some large crags and very steep slopes near the top of the hill. Courses have been planned to avoid the steepest areas and largest crags. 

Participants take part at their own risk – Any participants with relevant pre- existing medical conditions which might affect their participation should disclose them to the race organisers before they start. 

Remember that ticks may still about so check yourself after the course.

COVID guidance summary

Please do not attend if you display any symptoms of COVID or have been asked to self isolate etc.
Ensure you tackle courses that are suited to your skills, experience and fitness levels. 
Please use the hand sanitiser provided at registration/download before you collect your map/hire dibber then at the end before you download.
Please observe the 1m rule throughout i.e. participants maintain a distance of at least 1m away from others (unless in the same “bubble”). This includes walking to and from the start & finish, in the competition area, and at registration and download. 

9: Future events

The final event for the year is the Tay Xmas Score event 12th December at the Knock of Crieff followed by a meal at the golf course. A great chance to socialise and meet up with others.


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