Tayside Orienteers


Final result of club championship

We were delighted to present Club Coach Moira with the annual Tayside Orienteers' championship trophy at our Christmas event at Blackspout on Sunday. The points system recognises and rewards both participation in the sport and volunteering. Moira's win is richly deserved for all the time she puts in to helping the club, in particular to encourage and support those new to the sport and developing their orienteering skills - as well as still finding time to orienteer for herself! Congratulations Moira from your fellow club members.

With points awarded for competing (even just by turning up!) as well as helping at an event it’s not just the very best orienteers that can achieve success. Our championship points system is designed to encourage club members to attend local events and to compete against other members in a meaningful way. All courses are treated equally. A winner of a yellow event is given the same score as the winner of a blue event. They should be competing at a level which they are just comfortable with but which represents a challenge. Sometimes injury makes someone compete at a level lower than normal and this is ok. Newcomers to the sport have every chance of performing well despite their lack of experience. Competitors receive points allocated as 10 for 1st, 9 for 2nd and so on until 6th place which receives 5 points. Everyone after that receives 5 points also so attendance is rewarded. Helpers and organisers receive 5 points if they have given up the chance of a run. Female competitors receive 2 bonus points for every event. Age bands are handicapped so that Juniors receive 1 bonus point, over 40’s receive 1 bonus point and over 60’s receive 2 bonus points. These are awarded for each event. Full results from the 2017 championships - download here


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