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Four-week block of coaching

Weekend sessions for Improvers!

Some exciting news to start off our club orienteering in 2016! Following our successful Family Coaching sessions last Autumn, we have been busy planning more coaching for TAY members.  We now have dates for a four-week block - Saturday 19 March, Saturday 16 April, Sunday 1 May and Saturday 7 May.

The coaching will be aimed primarily at TAY club members of any age who are Improvers at Yellow/Orange level, rather than absolute beginners.  The dates have been selected to fit around local and national orienteering events so that those attending the coaching may have the opportunity to put their skills into practice!
Subject to the availability of qualified coaches and sufficient helpers, we may be able to include those members who are ready to progress to Light Green level.
Numbers will be limited, and those attending must commit to all four sessions and pay a small fee in advance. 
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