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Keeping SI units ready to go

The club is looking for an electronics enthusiast to take over from John Lewis in keeping the SI control punching units ready to go.

John Lewis has called it a day, not as a competitor, but as the guy who looks after the SI units. And the club is looking for someone else to take over. What is it all about?

John explains -  

Tayside Orienteers - Equipment Officer Role

Equipment is stored in a secure central location. The officer has responsibility for ensuring that equipment is returned to the store so that it is ready for use at the next event. Often, club members will help to carry out this task. The officer's duty is to periodically check the state and quantity of equipment.

The officer should recommend purchases, obtain equipment and replace consumable items as approved by the committee. The expertise of club members should be used, as appropriate, to help with this.

The battery voltages of SI control units need to be checked using software which also allows for synchronisation of times on the units. Keeping a database of the voltages allows problems to be anticipated. If a battery is faulty or any problem is found, the officer is expected to post the units to Sportident and to arrange for payment by the Treasurer.

Dedicated storage systems are in use for the control units and dibbers which allow checking of numbers and condition to be carried out easily. Stakes occasionally need to be checked for the condition of base plates and labels. The GEBE system and battery pack require occasional charging, and definitely in advance of an event.

The officer is expected to liaise with other clubs to borrow and lend as required. However, the officer is not expected to provide a delivery service or to undertake manual lifting alone.


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#180 on the Green course, Grahame Nicoll

#180 on the Green course