Tayside Orienteers


North Muirton Smart Phone Orienteering

Did you miss our April training event?  Never mind, you can do it anytime. Here’s how.

  • Before you leave home, register with Maprun.
  • Download and print the pdf map of North Muirton (You might need to connect the numbers with lines S to 100 to 109 to F for finish).
  • Go to Bute Drive, North Muirton and park in the area just north of the church. Locate the end of the fence - the “Start” triangle on the map.
  • Open up Maprun on your phone. Go to events; find mr UK file; find mr scotland file; find N Muirton file and touch to open.
  • You will be asked for the password. It is 4563……… watch out, putting this in not only gets you access to the N Muirton map system, it starts the timing.
  • Go round the course.  There are no control markers out on the ground. You will find the phone beeps anything up to 10 metres from the control point. That means that control point is recorded. When it beeps at the finish it turns off the system.
  • You can upload your result, get your splits and see other people’s results too.

Control Descriptions

S Fence end

100 Path Bend

101 Path junction

102 Path end

103 Path junction

104 Building corner

105 Tree

106 Bin

107 Building NE corner

108 Fence corner

109 Building E end

 Finish Fence bend