Tayside Orienteers


Privacy Policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes rules and safeguards on those who hold and process personal data, i.e. data relating to living identifiable individuals. In the interests of being open and fair, the club wishes to inform members of the data held and how it is used.

Tayside Orienteers (TAY) and its officials may hold some or all of the following data about some or all members and others who compete in orienteering events: name, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, competition age class, competition results, offices held, skills and qualifications, courses attended and details of officiating at competitions.

Contact data is held for landowners and other organisations with whom we co-operate, their employees, agents and tenants. The data may be held in electronic or paper form.

The data may be obtained directly from an individual person or a family member or indirectly from British Orienteering, the Scottish Orienteering Association, other clubs, or other organisations involved in orienteering.

The data is used in organising the sport of orienteering and for associated social purposes, including, but not limited to: organisation of events, publication of competition entries and results, coaching, team selection, training and appointment of officials.

Data may be distributed in paper or electronic form between members, competitors, event officials and other organisations involved in orienteering.

The data will not be available for commercial purposes.

Publication of personal data in paper form may occur in membership and contact lists, magazines, competition information and results and other literature. Publication on publicly accessible web sites may include name, age class and club in competition results. Names with offices and photographs may be published, but addresses, contact numbers and personal background details will be published only with the explicit consent of the person.

We may retain your details for up to 5 years after you cease to be a member, for insurance and administration purposes.

If you do not wish to receive mailings (by email, post or other means) or other non-administrative communications from TAY, or you believe that the data held by TAY about you is incorrect, please contact the secretary at: